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All lesson packages are designed to be taken in 3 Months.  Please look at the three different packages to see which is the best fit for you and feel free to reach out to Chris for more details:

Included in all Lesson Packages:

Coach Chris uses variety of technology in his lessons in his lessons such as:

-FlightScope Ball Flight Monitor
-Golf Swing Video Analyzed using a 240 FPS Camera and uploaded to students email after lesson.

All Packages Include Access to our Branded Mobile App

The Mobile App Allows You To:

- See the game plan that you mapped out with your coach
- Log and Track Practices
- Log and Track Stats on the Golf Course
- Know the distance to the Hole on the Golf Course
- Keep your Handicap

beginner PACKAGE

A great program if you are a beginner and looking to learn the basics of the game with the goal becoming a competent golfer.


(10) 30 Minute
(2) On Course Playing Lessons

A typical game plan for a beginner looks like this:

Lesson #1 - Putting - Alignment - Tempo - Golf Etiquette 
Lesson #2 - Chipping - Grip - Stance Width
Lesson #3 - On Course Playing Lesson - Course Rules
Lesson #4 - Irons - Ball First Contact 
Lesson #5 - Driver - Solid Contact - Distance
Lesson #6 - Putting - Irons
Lesson #7 - On Course Playing Lesson
Lesson #8 - Pitching - Distance Control
Lesson #9 -  Chipping - Driver
Lesson #10 - Fairway and Greenside Bunkers

scoring goals package


This program was designed for golfers who are looking to lower their handicap.


The coach and student will meet once per week for an hour and have a playing lesson after every 2 private lessons together.

This is to ensure that changes being made on the range are holding up on the golf course with the goal of lower scores.

Included in this Package:

(8) 1 Hour Golf Lessons
(4) On Course Playing Lessons

champion package


This package is for the serious golfer who is dedicated to achieving champion like performance and being competitive in tournaments.


The coach and student will meet 3 times a week for a 30 minute private lesson and once a week for a 9 hole on course lesson.

The student must make a commitment to practicing at least 30 minutes before the lesson and an hour after the lesson, as well as playing at least 27 holes per week.

(36) 30 Minute Lessons
(12) On Course Playing Lessons

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